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Popular Application Tips

Internet Explorer 5
Windows 98
Outlook Express 5

Internet Explorer 5:

Are you branded?

In Your version of Internet Explorer are you being semi-skinned by a companies name and flickering logo? 

1) Make sure all browser windows are closed.
2) Start | Run insert "rundll32.exe iedkcs32.dll,Clear" ( without the quotes)
Press ok.
3) Restart Internet Explorer

NOTE: This should work on all platforms running IE 4.x or 5.x

Thumbnails of your favourites

Run Windows Explorer and go to C:\Windows\Favourites.
Right Click on your Favourites folder, or one of its subfolders, and select Properties.
Select the 'Enable thumbnail view' checkbox.
Open the folder you just altered, then select View on the Toolbar and press Refresh
Then select the Views Icon and click Thumbnails.
Explorer will create mini versions of your favourite sites. If you don't have the website on your hard drive then you must be connected to the net in order for the thumbnails to be fetched...To obtain an up-to-date thumbnail Right click the thumbnail and press 'Refresh Thumbnail'

Add whatever you fancy

Did you know that you can add other shortcuts of the application kind not just links? Well you can. Just right click on a shortcut, drag it to the toolbar and release, you can also do this with the toolbar on your desktop in Win 98!

When? What time?

You can't always tell when a web page was updated. If you really want to know, all you have to do is: Open your JavaScript-enabled Web browser and type the following on the Address line:


Press Enter, and a dialog box should pop up with the time & date of the last page modification.

Surfing in full screen

No buttons, no toolbars, no status bar completely stripped bare!...What?..why your Full screen of course. It's called running in "kiosk mode". Click the Start Button, select Run, then type:

"iexplore -k" (without the quotes)

Make sure you put the '-k' in there. This is perfect for when your page is on display. Users who see it won't be distracted by the typical browser elements, causing them to focus directly on your content. (I always wondered how the magazines did that:)

Window on the world

Have you ever wanted to view an image on your Desktop without first converting it to a bitmap? What about a live Web page? Again, you're probably trying to avoid Active Desktop like the plague. Run with the Start Menu's 'Run' option and enter: "iexplore -k javascript: moveTo(100,100); resizeTo(500,400)" (sans quotes). You'll now have a borderless browser sitting on your screen; feel free to tweak those numbers at will. Hit CTRL+O to open a URL or file; keep it sitting there for as long as you'd like. When your finished hit CTRL + Q.

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Space...the final...amount

A way to check the amount of file space usage on your host -
**If you have Win95*
**If you have your files in a directory on your hard disk or floppy disk.*
Click on Start
Click on Programs
Click on Windows Explorer
Click on the directory/subdirectory your files are in
All your files will show up in the right hand window. At the very bottom of that window on the lower right bar, it will tell you how many KB or MB you have in that directory (and the amount of Free Space on your hard drive). This tells you whether you are close to the limit on your host.
Note: If you have html/htm files in one subdirectory and jpeg/GIF files in an images directory, you will have to look at both directories and add the usage up from each to get a total.
Note: If you have FrontPage Extensions you will have to add this amount in as well, but that should be static.

Cookies anyone?

If  your   uncomfortable with cookies there is a much more effective thing to do rather than turning cookies off in your browser. Simply make the file which records the information Read Only. This means you will still be able to use sites which require cookies as browsers always hold the information in memory until the browser is shut down - but the information never gets stored on your computer.

Clear that address

Quickest way to highlight and clear the address bar in IE5?
Press Alt-D which will highlight the url in the address bar and you can start typing in the new one. 

Print only a paragraph

If you want to print only a paragraph from a web page you can do the following.

Go to 'File' and 'Print,' put a dot in the circle next to 'Selection' and it will only print the part you highlighted. 

Want to print the background too?

In IE, Tools | Internet Options | Advanced | Printing | Print background
Colours and images.

Windows 98:

View on the Hard Drive

Bring up an Internet Explorer Window and type in the address bar C:\ you can then access anything on your hard drive quite easily and the best thing about it is thumbnails are generated from your hard drive. You can of course view your Favourites it brings up the time and date you saved it and also the URL All easily accessible.

Making Life Just that little bit easier...ok so I'm lazy:)

If you mail an address very frequently and  if your using outlook express and win 98 read the following (not sure if it works with other versions of win or other editors, try it and see)

Now you can bring up a new mail and flick through the address book to find the address...or you can click on a received email, click 'reply to sender' and then select the email and delete leaving you with a set up email or you can do the following:

Right-click on your desktop, select New, Shortcut and make the command line (For example BTW this is a true FrontPage list...check it out it is really good)
Click Next and name the short-cut (e.g. Onelist Mail) then click Finish. You now have the short cut on your desktop for easy access! You can also drag the new short cut on to your favourites menu to create an entry that opens a preaddressed New message window. You can also drag it on to your toolbar for even easier access though you might want to change the icon because apart from the name it looks the same as the outlook express app icon.

Pop up a Programme today!

Did you know that you could switch between different programs with the keyboard? Just press ALT + Tab and a box pops up with all the icons of the programme's that you have up. Hold down the alt key and tab between them, when you let go of the alt key that programme pops up.

OutLook Express 5:

Pop up

In the top right hand box, double click on a email and a new browser window will pop up you can then maximise it. Making reading easier:)


Time it

If you want to insert the time and date, press F5. Or, if you want to "log" the times you edit a particular text file, type: ".LOG" (without the quotes) as the first line of that file and save it. Now every time you open it up, the current date/time will be automatically stamped into it. When you're trying to save textual files without the .TXT extension: when you 'Save' or 'Save As', be sure to put the filename in quotes with the extension you want it to have. Example: "thisdoc.html" (with the quotes).